Why Is Private Education Better Than Government Education?

Private schools differ in many ways to government schools, and these differences touch on a variety of issues which range from student population to the curricula. Government education does not cost as much as private education does, but there are benefits of private education since you have the privilege of taking your child to a custom school that aligns with the objectives and plans that you have for your child. Each parent can analyse public school vs private school essay about types of schools in Philippine or special researches about US private colleges and compare different points of view, pros and cons, but a final choice is yours.


Many folks who select private education consider issues like academic achievement, extracurricular activities, teachers, reputation and educational standards. Contrariwise, those with a preference for government education often center their arguments around the cost-effectiveness of these schools, and the resources that are available in these schools, since the government funds them.

Private Education

It is also worth noting that private education is often expensive, and not a majority can afford

  1. This is why it is easy to get admission to a private school. Often, private schools have some specific requirements which may include religious creed and academic abilities that they consider before taking in students.

While this trend has been changing and more people are finding their way into private schools, these schools remain selective about whom they admit. Parents who take their children to private schools desire their children to get exposed to specific people, experiences, and curricula, and this is why these schools do not have large student populations.

Private education is out of reach for some people – thanks to the guiding policies and standards of these schools. Private institutions of learning often set the bar high in areas of discipline and academics, and they have stringent rules that students have to abide by if they want to continue learning in that environment.

It is common to find private schools developing their curricula since they are not subject to the public rules when it comes to what they teach. The quality of education in private schools is outstanding, and the teachers who impart knowledge have higher certifications than their counterparts in public schools.

Government Education

Here is where a majority of parents lie since they are inclined to take their children to public schools mainly because these schools are cheap, and that they do not have many requirements when admitting students. To the vast majority, government education is affordable, and many families opt for them because these schools tend to have more equipment and resources than private schools.

There are also some public schools that offer specialized courses in the fields of math, science and the arts. Public schools use curricula that are inclusive, and this helps them to be more tolerant and accommodating of others.

Teachers who work in government schools are required to have some form of certification, which may be federal or state certification. However, more often than not, teachers in public schools are less qualified than their counterparts in private schools.

Why Freebrook Academy

Freebrook Academy is a democratic and a progressive school, and it reflects the critical tenets of quality private education. Allowing students to have a say in the operations of the school is not a given in public schools, and to some extent – other private schools.

Freebrook allows students to determine how they want their future to be, and this gives students the opportunity to know their strengths and weaknesses better, which is essential for personal development.

Our focus on the local community also makes us stand out from the crowd since we like to play an active role in addressing the challenges that our society faces. This way, we help the community as well as students to progress.

November 8, 2018

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