We’re Our Community

At Freebrook, we have a very keen interest in the activities of the local community. Our programs and operations are democratic – we allow students to give their views and thoughts regarding the overall operations of the school. We do this so that students can be in a position where they can control their future, and choose paths that they have an interest. By so doing, we develop them into successful and meaningful people who will have a tangible positive impact on the community.

Addressing Community Challenges

The knowledge we impart to the students mainly serves to enhance their academic and personal lives, and we believe that a good education is essential when it comes to developing the community and addressing existing challenges.

The community that we live in faces various challenges, and it is important to acknowledge these challenges and look for ways of addressing and solving these challenges. That is why at Freebrook, we are not only a learning institution but also a part of the community. We believe that the students we are molding have what it takes to advance their personal lives and the community as a whole.

Where Education Comes In

At Freebrook, the education and academic process is entirely democratic. Students have the leeway to decide how they want the learning environment to be. By allowing them to determine how the learning environment should be, we are giving them a chance to start making some critical decisions and choices on their own. At best, we are using their education-seeking endeavors to empower them to be responsible. Responsible people can decide what’s best for them and their community, and education further enables them to play an active and essential role in community building.

Our community faces some pertinent challenges that need an urgent address, and some other vital issues that require redress as well. With the input of students, we have designed programs that relate and resonate well with these challenges, and when students join our school, they blend in quickly – thanks to the democratic process. With time, they get to become a part of us and the community, which helps to advance and progress the community as well.

Programs That Align With the Local Community

In the works are entrepreneurship programs that will help members of the community and students to develop their business ideas. These are programs that will involve students in the school, and members of the local community.

Freebrook is planning to open up a center which will be accessible to the community and students as well, which will support and give space to youth, entrepreneurs, families, and artists who want to showcase and develop their skills. The Center for Creative Community Development through Education and Social Enterprise will host all these activities, and it will help Freebrook Academy to advance its work and goals regarding community development.

Further, enterprises and businesses that are committed to supporting community development will help to provide opportunities for employment to local community members, which will help to build the community as a whole and to generate funds that will help the school to operate.

In the long run, Freebrook aims to become a private school that will offer free tuition to students. Independence and self-sustainability are also at the top of the agenda, and Freebrook hopes to achieve these with time.