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Dear friends!

We have a new teacher in our close-knit team. Her name is Jessica and she’s also working with autistic children after the main classes and on her days off. She’ll post some thoughts sometimes and share her routine, observation and experience.

So this article is about Activities of a five-year-old autistic child Jacob (during a moth)

  • While visiting Jacob’s home this month we had to go through a variety of activities that would aid in conduct and skill attainment. Today we concentrated on gaining the skill and Jacob had to be attentive. Our first activity had to do with music where we had a saxophone and a flute. He could play the saxophone as I helped him he enjoyed the music.
  • Today in my client’s residence, we focused on working on gross motor activities. Jacob could walk, stand when told to and he could run controllably and during the session, we also introduced a game and my client could throw, catch, and kick the ball with ease.
  • Today with my client, we opted to draw. Jacob loved holding the brush and drawing the images of a human being and the animals, that he was familiar with. First, I assisted him by holding his hand and drawing together and after a while, he did it alone. I also introduced watercolors where my client enjoyed mixing the colors and water.
  • Our today’s activity in my client’s residence was building. We began with collecting some sticks, matchboxes to use in our building, and then began with the construction of a house. With my little assistance, Jacob did it very well and we ended by reciting a poem. After a plenty of rehearsals, my client could do it with ease.
  • Today with my client, swimming was our undertaking. We changed our clothing to swimming costumes and then headed to the children’s section of the pool. Despite the children’s pool being shallow, I had to get in it first and then help Jacob get into the. He enjoyed playing with water and immersing his head into water frequently.
  • Real flower crafts were our today’s activity. He loved the green buds on the trees, and flowers brought him happiness with their beauty and smell. We again resorted to gross motor activities and took a walk within the compound.
  • Today with Jacob, we undertook painting in the nature of which he loved and we began by putting on aprons then took a walk to collect the items like a colored flower and then with my aid got onto the real activity, which my client enjoyed and did with little assistance.
  • With my client in his residence, our today’s activity was to paint the windows on the house that we made earlier. We began by collecting soap, food coloring, and cornstarch then mix them. Afterward, we painted the doors on the house.
  • Together with Jacob, our today’s activity was jogging and ran along the bushes within their yard. Jacob enjoyed the exercise, as it gave him an opportunity to practice social and communication skills learned before.
  • Today with Jacob, we went cycling. We used a wooden long mini-bicycle that is safe for children once and cannot hurt them. I supported him through the training process because it was the first time for him to cycle.
  • Eating was our today’s activity with Jacob where we had plenty of soft meals and fruits. I showed him the food and then he ate it. Jacob enjoyed eating alone unlike when he is being fed by his mother.
  • Today with my client, our undertaking was hiking. We went to a nearby hill near his home and the boy was happy to be out as he could run and see the new environment within the hillside.
  • With my client, today we went for a merry-go-run in town. Jacob enjoyed this because he met other children and together they enjoyed the ride on the merry-go-round. At the end, my client was happier than never after the new experience.
  • Today with my client Jacob, we went to a bouncing castle in town. The boy enjoyed the activity and he was active throughout the day. We also went shopping in the supermarket and bought some chocolate and ice cream.
  • With my client Jacob, our today’s activity was making a play garden. We began by constructing a circular patch using bricks then fenced it all round leaving two little gaps for entrance and exit. We also planted flowers of his choice around the patch. He also made cups, cakes, and cooked in the patch. Jacob enjoyed the new experience and looked overwhelmed at the end of the day.

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