The Man Who Changed My World

Everybody needs someone to support them, to be with them, and to help them maneuver through the ups and downs of life. A caring and supportive person can help you become a better person since such a person will always be there for you – to offer a helping hand when necessary. My life and world, in general, were not that vibrant, until I met João. João flies planes, and I leave it to you to think how a pilot and teacher pair would look like, but in my opinion, I can say it is working. I know it’s hard to believe but sometimes it’s simple as that and you can make sure with this statement after reading this essay on relationship.


João has been supportive all along and is also a responsible man who hardly lets people down. The pilot profession is very demanding, and not many folks make the cut. Flying a plane is not a mean feat since it is the lives of passengers that you deal with now and then. This job has kept João responsible and reliable since keeping a clear head is a crucial requirement in his line of work. With João’s profession, he often heads to various destinations, taking passengers from and to different areas, which over time – has exposed him to different types of people, different kinds of situations, and different places as well.

I tend to think that this exposure is what has shaped him to be the person he is today. Not many people out there are reliable, and getting such a person for a husband is one of the best and incredible things that could ever happen to someone- me for that matter. João’s reliability and responsibility have shown themselves time and again in our day to day lives, and I can only be grateful since he has had a significant impact on my life. To be precise, he has changed my life, and I hope this will just get better with time.

I love my job, and so does João. This contentment with what we do for a living is what made us be a thing. João keeps saying how every role is important and likes to respect every member of any profession since he is of the opinion that everyone matters in life. Various professions help to run the world, and him settling with a teacher only shows that he has the respect for people who do jobs in different fields as well.

I have learned a lot of things from João, which have helped to shape me as a person and even my life as well. I have developed a culture of respecting people in different lines of work because when you do so, other people will also recognize you and what you do for a living. Thanks to João, I have developed and refined the art and ability to interact with people from different regions and walks of life. As a teacher, such experiences of meeting new people are always rewarding since they allow you to learn more about people, their behavior, what they stand for, and a lot more as well.


Becoming a pilot is not a walk in the park. Out of the many folks who aspire to be pilots, only a handful becomes pilots. You can imagine how becoming one is. João has been in the field for some time now, and he has learned how to be accommodative. Out there, different folks from different countries fly from different places to other areas, and in the process, João gets to learn a thing or two about them, or even at times interact with them when possible. Since different people have different views that do not necessarily have to align with yours, but João is accommodative, which allows him to interact and mingle with various folks from different places and walks of life.

To sum this up, João is one supportive and charming person I am lucky to have in my life. Coming across such people is not easy, and this is the key reason I count myself lucky. Growing old with a person who is ready to support you at any time, even the lowest of moments, is something amazing, and that it is why I am always appreciative of him.

Not many people get better halves who are cooperative and supportive, and at times, those who find them, end up breaking away after some time. The fact that I am with a person who has changed my life not only gives me the energy to keep going but is also a source of inspiration for day to day living.


May 30, 2019


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