Freebrook Academy: Eight Years of Modern Private Education

Freebrook Academy has been at the forefront of providing support to students, to enable them to become successful in their endeavors. Students who pass through Freebrook get an opportunity to chart their future, since our institution is democratic and uses a progressive approach when it comes to the education and academic process.

Over the last eight years, Freebrook has been offering private and modern education, since we believe that private education allows us to mold students in ways that sit well with them, as well as the processes we have set and our tutors.

Why Modern Private Education

We acknowledge the fact that as time goes, the students who come through our school expect new ways and methods of learning that are democratic and reflective of community practices. Towards that end, we have developed a set of principles that allow us to offer modern education to students. We also believe that some privileges come with private education, that do not come with public schools setting.

When students get involved in the decision-making process, then it means that they are in a position to influence the modus operandi of the school. This allows the students to dictate the conditions that they want to live and study in, which is a fundamental process of delivering quality private education; as well as ensuring that there is a democratic system of learning.

While public education offers an education, there is a disparity in the systems that guide the internal processes. More often than not, many students do not get the opportunity to contribute to the learning process or the overall operation of the school, which can hinder optimal learning. Our private model allows us to help students to explore on their own so that they can write and shape their futures as they wish.


Addressing Community Challenges

A hallmark of Freebrook Academy is that we are community driven and we like to involve the community in what we do. We allow students to integrate by allowing them to explore their own distinct cultures in the classroom while working towards solving and addressing challenges that exist in the community.

Freebrook has a keen focus on the community, and it is why we believe that learning should be beyond classwork and academics but also encompass community development as well. This way, students can grow into individuals who are conscious about the community they live in, which is among the primary goals of getting an education.


Developing Talents

Every individual out there has a talent, and it only requires an environment that harnesses and promotes that talent for the individual to progress. Not everybody who goes to school can be outstanding in academic work, and that is why we recognize and value the importance of developing talents among the student populace.

When we allow students to develop their talents, they are in a better position to think for themselves and become innovative. Essentially, the role of private education is to prepare the student in ways that public schools cannot, and factoring in all aspects of the individual in the process. Here is where talent comes in. In that regard, therefore, we like to see students developing and refining their talents for their future gain and the benefit of the community as a whole.



October 3, 2018

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