Criteria for admissions

We welcome families that support the Freebrook philosophy. Freebrook seeks families who prioritize cultural identity and awareness; the freedom to explore ones interests balanced with academic rigor and social justice. Freebrook also seeks students who are committed to learning and can handle an independent, self-directed learning environment, within a challenging academic program. Lastly, we look for families that support the freebrook philiosophy.

Students are admitted to the school based on personal interviews, application materials, and the order in which the application was received. We accept, but do not require test scores.

Students are admitted to grades K -12 as long as there are vacancies.



Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis for grades K – 7th grade. There is currently a $15 application fee.

Feel free to download the application and return it to Freebrook Academy Main Office at 792 Jefferson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221. The application fee should be in the form of check or money order and made out to Freebrook.



$1000 deposit


$750                      Monthly                    September to June

$2400                    3 payments              September, January, May

$7000                    In full                        September


Yearly cost including deposit

Monthly payments    –          $8500

3 Payments              –         $8200

One Payment           –          $8000



Financial Aid

Freebrook understands that the cost of this institution is not feasible for all families. If you are interested in joining the Freebrook family, but are concerned about cost, please contact us.