Freebrook is a democratic community committed to supporting students’ potential to be successful and their ability to define their own futures. Through a progressive approach, and a community, cultural, and social justice foundation, we enable students to explore their world and challenge themselves, while simultaneously encouraging them to challenge injustices, think independently and critically, develop their talents, love learning, and become innovative adults.




At Freebrook, we believe education is not only life-long, but community-wide. We also believe that learning goes beyond the textbook into personal experience and community development. Progressive Education at Freebrook includes the following:

  1. Democracy: students have an active role in the operation of the school and the creation of their shared school experiences (students will propose change in the school, lead meetings, teach electives, etc).
  2. Teachers as facilitators: teachers support student learning through student direction, student exploration, and sensory/experience based learning.
  3. Beyond grades: Freebrook believes grades can limit student potential and transform learning into an external process, rather than an internal process, which reduces its intrinsic value.
  4. Culture and community: students are invited to explore their own culture in the classroom. Each grade is supported as they creatively address community challenges through methods such as creating a mural, collecting and sharing data, creating a youtube campaign, or leading a community meeting.
  5. Freebrook practices a pedagogy based on social justice: the Freebrook community is committed to critical analysis of the past, present, and future.